Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Update

Life seems to be passing by in a rush these days.  We've been pretty busy and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any.  Kaitlyn is doing great right now, so I don't have much to report as far as her health goes. We go back to UAB on the 18th of Oct for her MRI and Ultrasound, so until then it's just random updates. :)

Kaitlyn discovered her thumb this month, she loves to suck on all her fingers but she's favoring her thumb more and more but enjoys her paci as well.  She's not fickle...yet. ;) She rolls over quite well now from stomach to back and is working really hard on getting from back to stomach. She hasn't quite figured out she has to move her arm up out of the way to flip the rest of her body over.  It's quite comical to watch her and she gets soo mad when she's trying to get back to her stomach. 

She has also discovered that she can blow raspberries and does so a lot especially when she's mad. Something else that makes me laugh all the time.  I will have to try to video it sometime.  She loves her big sisters so much, anytime they come in the room she will stop crying etc and watch them intently.  Then of course they have to act like hams and do crazy things until she's laughing at them. 

Kaitlyn also had her 1st official bath this month.  She could not be submerged due to her surgery and incision, we had to wait 6 weeks for that, then she has the stitch abscess so we had to wait on that to heal and we were used to doing sponge baths with her.  So far so good, she doesn't scream when we put her in, and when water gets in her face she makes a noise like a horse.  This kid cracks me up! 

Some recent pictures :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy 4 Months

Kaitlyn turned 4 months old today, hard to believe the time is just flying by.

My sweetie:

She is such a happy baby, rolling over from stomach to back and getting closer from back to stomach.  We had her 2 month appointment a few weeks ago, but it was when she was about 3.5 month. I will look up her stats and come back and posts.  Overall she's hitting the milestones right now, but there is so much to wait and see about in the future. We start cereal and juice this month, hope she does well with both!