Thursday, March 8, 2012

General Update

This past Monday we headed down to UAB for K's post op MRI, that we had to reschedule from earlier since she was sick.  All in all everything went great, she did fine during the MRI and woke up a little easier this time from the sedation and we got the all clear sign from her doctor. So thankful for good results! The worst part of the entire process was her not being able to eat that morning or have anything to drink after 8, she was not happy about that.

We're still working with physical therapy from UCP/EI and it's going well. K can walk across the room without her walker.  Of course she is still a little unsteady, but she went from about 3 steps to 15ish on average.  She is so happy when she does it, we cheer her on :) We started speech this past month as well, she's so shy around new people so it's taking some time to warm up.  This time was better than last so I am hopeful the next one will go well.  When she was evaluated by the ST, she said she was at about 14 months in her verbal skills :( but I feel like she's doing much better and more than they think, because she is so shy.  I do think she is behind, I just don't think that much.

We go back to UAB on April 11 for her Spina Bifida Clinic, we get to see everyone (neurology, urology, etc) and it's an all day thing.  Dread that part, but now we know, so hopefully we will be more prepared. Other than that not a whole lot going on, we need to get her new braces soon, custom ones, which will be pricey. :/ but she needs them so we'll have to figure out how to pay.

Today also marks K turning 22 months! I have 2 months to plan a 2nd birthday party for her. We didn't do a big thing for 1st because of all that was going on with my mom, so I hope this one will be better :)