Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Update

So Miss K had an urologist appointment this past Monday down at UAB.  Though I could have sworn she was supposed to see both the urologist and neurologist but when I called to verify the time last week they only had her down for Dr. Joseph.  Sigh.  So I made an appointment for Dr. Wellons, in June.  I hope the next appointment we can get back on track for the same dates, since we have to drive about 2 hours for the appointment. 

Anyway, we got to UAB around 9 (appointment was at 10) and finally got processed and paperwork for the ultrasound around 9:30 or so.  Glad we got there a bit early, then we headed upstairs where they did the ultrasound.  She was a trooper, she did fine until we had to put her on her stomach and hold her down.  She wasn't quite fond of that. Head back down to the clinic, and I just knew we would have to wait much longer than I was hoping since they were busy, but nope.  We were in and out of there by 11 and that's probably a record for UAB.  ;)

Dr.  Joseph said everything looked fine on the ultrasound, her right kidney is slightly enlarged as it was 6 months ago, but nothing has changed so that's good.  He's going to keep an eye on it of course, and we return in 6 months.  They will do another ultrasound and then a urodynamics test as well...ugh.  Not looking forward to that.  It was hard when she was just a baby, so it'll be much worse now that she is older.

On other news, we have a tooth! She has been teething like crazy and I just knew weeks ago it was going to pop out, but no.  So we endured a cranky and drooly baby for weeks and then over this weekend it finally broke through.  THANK YOU. The other tooth/gum area is quite swollen though, so I hope it comes in soon. 

She's not walking yet, but does cruise the furniture a bit and pulls up all the time. I am still watching her left ankle, since it's a bit weaker than her right, and plan to ask Dr. Wellons when we go in June.  Other than that I am trying to prepare for her 1st birthday.  I haven't gotten anything done since my mom had her stroke, all my time and energy lately has been focused on that, so I need to get on the ball!


  1. I'm glad the appointment went pretty well!!

  2. Glad to hear she's doing so well!! Still praying for your family.