Friday, December 3, 2010

On The Move

She is on the move, literally.  Over the Thanksgiving weekend Kaitlyn was trying to SO hard to crawl, she got the motion going forward, once with each knee, and then down she'd go.  It was quite comical, she really wanted to get to the Christmas tree skirt my mom had.  I figured it would be a little longer before she "got" it, but alas I was wrong.  She's been trying since then and yesterday it really clicked. She was all over the floor, crawling towards the computer cord, towards her toys, towards her sisters and places she shouldn't be! Gotta get to baby proofing now!

What most people don't realize is, this is major.  Sure any baby that starts crawling, is amazing, but to take a baby/child that has Spina Bifida, when you just aren't sure if they'll crawl, walk etc. It's MAJOR.  We tried to remain positive of course she would as she's had great leg movement, but her left foot not so much. So far we're on course for a typical baby at almost 7 months. 

Check out my little mover!


  1. Go Kaitlyn Go! So happy to see her on the move!

  2. Oh I love it! Way to go!...she looks like one of those dolls that crawls on their own, so cute :)

    Wow look at her go!