Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Unknown

Tomorrow is another day of the unknown. K has her post op MRI at 9 at UAB.  I am stressed, nervous, anxious and holding my breath until we get the results.  In October when we were awaiting her clinic visit, I was worried something was wrong, and just felt like it was. I was right, she had a MRI to confirm the doctors suspicion, retethering of the spinal cord.  That resulted in her second detethering surgery on Dec 6, 2011.

So now we face the unknown again, another MRI, another wait and see moment. I can only pray that tomorrows results are good and that everything looks right, healing right and does not require further surgery. Words that are synonymous with Spina Bifida, wait and see. So much of our life, Kaitlyn's life is wait and see. Every child, every case of SB is different and the doctors can't predict what the future will hold, only give you an idea of what "might" happen, but there is no guarantee.

So tomorrow, we head out early to Children's South and then over to see our Neurosurgeon for the results. I am asking all our family, friends and SB families to please pray and send good thoughts for Kaitlyn tomorrow.

Update: Well we had to cancel the MRI, K woke up with a 101 temp at about midnight last night, so we're rescheduled for early March. :( 

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