Friday, February 3, 2012


So back months ago we got a walker on loan from UCP, it was older, heavier, non swivel wheels, but it worked OK. She used it on occasions but had trouble getting started and really needed to lean forward.  Turning was awful, as you had to sort of pick it up and turn slowly, repeat.  Well about a month ago, we traded the old one for a new one with swivel wheels.  It's a light weight one and it's made a world of difference.  She can get all over the living room and around the house and even outside, so she's happy.  We're still hoping it's temporary, but only time will tell.

She also recently started taking steps again by herself, she can get to 4 before she goes down.  The walker is definitely helping strengthen her ankles/legs, so I try to get her to use it as often as possible. Here's a short video of her walking with it and then a short video of her "singing".

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