Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Power of Prayer

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Wed May 12, 2010

Power of Prayer

I believe in it. Kaitlyn was released from the hospital today and is doing great.  We went into visit this morning and to get some answers from the doctor who had not called as promised and I was NOT going to leave the hospital until we had them. The nurse came over and started talking about the Dr coming in this morning and that the surgery would be outpatient so she would be going home.  I was kinda in shock, had tears in my eyes because all along this is what I wanted but only if it was 100% safe to do so. We never saw the Dr in person, but hubby did talk to him on the phone and found out they are going to refer us to another hospital and a pediatric neurosurgeon who is more trained in this particular issue.

So tomorrow we have a follow up appointment with our regular pediatrician and they will get the referral for the other doctors. We have two places to choose from, UAB and Vanderbilt, I've heard good ab out both but want to do my research and figure out which we should choose. The surgery will also not be done until she is a little older, my guess is around the 2 to 4 month stage, but that's just based on what I've read online.  They want her to get stronger and bigger before doing the surgery and since hers is closed it's not a have to be done immediately surgery.  Though I prefer it to be sooner than to much later as I don't want it to affect her everyday life.

Thank you  to everyone who said prayers and kept us in their thoughts during this rough time in our lives and please continue to think of us and baby Kaitlyn for her upcoming appointments and surgery.


The more I think about this doctor, the more mad I get. This man never came to talk to us in person, EVER. I was told by a friend he was a great surgeon but had a terrible bed side manner...well considering he never came to talk to us about a newborn that was in NICU with undiagnosed Spina Bifida, yah I think he does.

We really had a terrible experience the whole way through this ordeal.  I can't even begin to describe how it feels to know nothing about your child's birth defect and to be in a different hospital than they are.  It's surreal, you don't feel that it is really happening, until you don't see your baby while you're there. It's different when you come home to an empty crib and unpack the baby clothes you took to bring baby home in. It almost feels like a dream, but it's more like a nightmare that you pray is over soon. Thankfully our nightmare only lasted 5 days, but that was 5 to many.

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