Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surgery Week Pictures

Just a few before and after photos of Kaitlyn, there is one picture of her incision at the bottom of this post.

With daddy at the hotel, two days before surgery

Kaitlyn after surgery

She had to be on her stomach or side the entire time
Even eating on the side, 1st bottle after surgery
Looking at mommy intently

2 days after surgery, not happy. I felt bad for her because she had not been picked up in several days.
Finally fell asleep

Getting to hold Kaitlyn for the 1st time after surgery

Incision area after surgery (about 3 days later)


  1. She is SO gorgeous!! It's funny, when I looked at Kingsley's incision after his surgery, I didn't think it looked that bad. Now when I look back or see other baby's incisions, I'm so shocked by how much they go through. These kids are so incredibly strong.

  2. Thanks, I think she's pretty darn cute myself. I know what you mean about pictures. I have been avoiding the SBC forum lately, just reading these stories are heart breaking and I think I just needed a break. I want to go there and post and give support though.

    Our kids are AMAZING and they have pretty great parents too ;)

  3. Wow. I don't think I ever saw that last picture, F. Poor baby. :( I'm glad she's doing so well now, though!

  4. I don't think I ever posted it on the board, didn't want to "freak" people out. I am so glad she's doing well right now, but the future is so uncertain, but I know it's not in my hands.

  5. Yeah, I find I have to take breaks from the SB world every now and again as well. Gets very emotional, especially when you are questioning the future and then see random things that you never considered and send you for a tailspin of What if's. :( Ups and downs!