Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MRI and Ultrasound Update

Yesterday we had to go UAB for Kaitlyn's MRI and Renal Ultrasound, of course we had to be there bright and early, 7:45 am, which meant getting up before the sun! Not so much fun I tell ya. Not only that but we had to wake her up before 2 for a final feeding, then between 2 and 6 she could have clear liquids, so we again woke her at 5 for some juice. Poor kid, she would have actually slept through the night had we not HAD to wake her. Oh well.

Once we arrived, we went for check in and then for the MRI but they had the ultrasound tech ready, so we did that first.  She did so awesome, just laid there and let her do her job :) I thought for sure by 8 she would be screaming her head off for food. Nope! So after the ultrasound was done we headed for the MRI, took awhile to get ready but the worst part was K getting the IV.  That was the only time she cried.  We were done with that within an hour or so, then it was back to the clinic to wait for the doctor consultation and test results.

Our neurosurgeon came in and asked how things were going etc and told us that everything looked fine on the MRI, this was just a baseline for future reference since her surgery. The only thing that could be "somewhat" troubling is that children that have tethered cords have a 5-10% chance of  re-tethering and because of her lipoma, her chances are in the higher range.  There isn't really anything we can do to prevent it, so we'll just keep an eye out in case things start to happen that weren't before. If it does happen and it's not caught, it could cause nerve damage.  However we're not thinking about it right now. I know there are still a lot of possibilities that could happen, but I can't dwell on it.

Next came our urologist,  pretty much same deal. The renal ultrasound went fine, he wasn't to concerned over anything and again we're just keeping an eye on things if something changes. He too agrees we do not need to come back for 6 months unless something comes up. So as of right now we are set to return on April 18, 2011!

I was glad to get good reports yesterday as I had not been sleeping well the last couple nights. Everything is back to "normal" today and look forward to some doctor free months ahead!


  1. I'm so glad you got good news and SO glad that you guys don't have to go back for 6 months. Now, when can I see your little cutie again? ;)

  2. YAY! Sounds like it all went well. Here's to some uneventful months in your future. :)