Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Roly Poly Queen

Kaitlyn is now a Roly Poly Queen! She seriously rolls over all the time now. :) I put her on her back for some playtime and she rolls right over to her stomach. I put her on her stomach and over she goes lol. Her arm no longer holds her back, she has just the right umpf to get over no problem now. It's so cute!

She's also doing pretty well with trying to get her knees under her while shes on her tummy.  I think she may start army crawling by the time shes 6 months at this rate. She moves side to side pretty well and even pushes herself back but no forward movement yet. WHEW, I can't take that kind of stress yet LOL ;)

We've been eating some oatmeal cereal daily, she isn't thrilled with it all the time but she does pretty good. I just started some applesauce and so far no reactions, later we'll try to some squash.  I imagine her face we'll be quite funny when she tries it out. 

Not much else to report, she goes to UAB on Oct 18th for her MRI and ultrasound, so prayers and positive thoughts for that please!


  1. If there hasn't been much of a reaction to the applesauce, you could try mixing some with the oatmeal. She might enjoy the oatmeal a bit more. I did that a few times for Diva.

  2. Sounds like K is doing great! Lots of P&PT for the MRI and u/s.

    I always had to mix applesauce or pears in with the oatmeal to get my kids to eat it. None of them would eat plain oatmeal.